IT Strategy

For many companies the typical IT strategy project ran several months and produced a roadmap that served as a guide to the annual budgeting and decision-making process over multiple years.

While AXIA still assists companies develop an overall “IT strategy”, today many companies have a need for quick-hit, smaller IT strategy projects to meet the needs of a rapidly changing business environment.

It’s not that a company doesn’t need an overall IT strategy. The problem is a CIO is often called upon to quickly handle a decision the business is about to make or has already made. These decisions have fixed deadlines and at the same time, often drive the IT architecture for years to come. These business events often include:

  • New executive leadership or management
  • Buying / selling brands or divisions
  • Acquisition of new companies
  • Expansion into new parts of the world
  • New business partnerships
  • New product lines
  • New government regulations or mandates

The modern IT organization needs to have the capability to quickly execute smaller / targeted IT strategy projects that meet the business short term needs while still maintaining the overall strategic alignment. Often it feels like walking a tightrope – it’s a balancing act between tactical and operational commitments and the work that builds long-term capabilities.

AXIA can help you successfully execute your targeted IT strategy project:

  • IT Strategy and Business Alignment
  • Post-Merger IT Integration
  • Business Divestiture
  • Corporate IT Governance
  • IT Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise Architecture