Pre Day 1

Once the Strategic Alignment is complete, the program will move into the pre-day 1 tasks. These are the activities that must be completed before the merger, JV or divestiture is executed.

  • Kickoff Work Streams – kickoff each work stream with a defined leader. Ensure the lead understands the strategic intent, program office roll, reporting requirements and the sense of urgency required.
  • Assessment & Solution Development – each work stream should create a solution document that explains – in plain English – what has to be done and how the area will be operated. The solution documents should be reviewed by the TPO and potentially by both the acquisition company and selling company.
  • Detail Planning – plans should be created based on the solution documents details. Because Post Merger IT Integration projects are often time based, the critical milestones should be identified along with the assumptions a work stream has of any resource outside of their direct control.
  • Implementation & Communication – each work stream will implement their plan. Regular TPO meetings are required across the streams to ensure issues are being raised and solved.

Unlike other IT projects, the different work streams in a Post-Merger IT Integration project are often launched at different times. The launching of work streams at different times reflects the reality of having to start fast before all the resources are ready.

What To Watch For

AXIA has found Post Merger IT Integration projects could experience issues when any of the following occur:

  • Under Communicating
  • Lacking clear ownership
  • Inability to quickly make decisions (measured in hours – not weeks)
  • Ineffective program management
  • Lack of Post-Merger IT Integration skills
  • Lack of Additional Required Resources