Program Management

Our program management services ensure projects run smoothly and efficiently at any stage

As your business grows, so too does the complexity of your organizational initiatives. Your internal teams may face multiple projects and priorities, each with varying goals, timelines, requirements and geographies. It’s not always enough to manage these initiatives as a group of individual projects – sometimes, they need to be managed as a coordinated program.

The leading-edge AXIA Program Management practice works with your team to coordinate and integrate multiple projects into a single, manageable program. We collaborate with you to establish a program structure that allows you to efficiently run projects with many variables. Our experienced and knowledgeable team also provides leadership and direction through every stage of the lifecycle; we’re able to anticipate needs and overcome challenges as they arise. With decades of hands-on business and technology experience, our team uses best practices and proven processes to reduce risk and deliver solutions for your most complex projects.

We have deep experience in large ERP and IT implementations and can guide your organization through product launches and business line expansions. For projects that are off track or experiencing issues, we offer confidential program assessment and remediation. We also specialize in post-merger integration, allowing companies to coordinate systems while minimizing disruption to day-to-day operations.

AXIA Program Management service offerings include:

•    Governance & Processes Management
•    Delivery Management
•    Project Leadership Management
•    Integration Management
•    Scope Management
•    Quality Management
•    Human Resource Management
•    Communications Management
•    Risk Management

Whether you are considering a program with internal resources, external integrators or a combination of the two, AXIA can help you establish and deliver a program to satisfy your complex requirements and circumstances. To learn more about how AXIA has helped companies deliver a wide variety of programs, and contact an AXIA representative today.