Microsoft Dynamics Migration Services Assessments

By focusing on your business objectives and goals, our assessment takes the guess work out of your migration planning.

AX to D365 Finance &  Supply Chain Assessment

AXIA understands the complexity and impact an AX migration has on the entire organization.  Our proven Microsoft Dynamics Migration Services methodology for an AX to D365 Finance and Supply Chain (“D365”) Assessment will focus on four key areas of scope and impact, and provide detailed recommendations, including:

  • Business improvement opportunities and potential benefits to pursue as part of the D365 migration
  • A comprehensive plan and estimate to execute the migration
  • Other business and technical considerations associated with a migration effort

Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics AX to D365

AXIA understands the complexity and impact an ERP upgrade migration or implementation has, not only on an IT department, but on an entire organization.

This is why we created our FREE Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Migration Assessment Whitepaper.

In this whitepaper we will walk you through 5 key areas to evaluate when considering the move to D365 and will provide a detailed list to help you get started on evaluating your migration readiness.


Our Process

Review Current Business Footprint

We begin by reviewing various business segments that will be impacted by D365, including:

  • Current AX application footprint

  • Architecture

  • Critical business requirements

Functional Components Review

The next area we focus on is Functional Components, where we will:

  • Review all associated business processes

  • Provide feedback on how D365 may reduce manual work

  • Provide insight on how you can improve business capabilities

  • Detail where D365 will digitally transform the business

Technical Components Review

It’s key to understand the effort necessary to migrate to D365. During this phase, we:

  • Review all technical components within the current AX environment

  • Perform a migration analysis of data, customizations, interfaces, and ISVs

Organizational Change Management Recommendations

To ensure your business transition is a smooth process, we focus on integrating proper planning to prepare the organization as a whole for the transition ahead by providing you with:

  • Organizational impact assessment resulting from a D365 migration

  • Detailed recommendations to mitigate any potential risks

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