Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster can strike at any moment. Is your company ready?

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

A catastrophic event such as a technology failure, fire, public health emergency, power outage, or loss of a key supplier can plunge your company into crisis. Major disruptions to business operations, revenue, customer support and more create long-term negative effects on profitability and operational efficiency.

AXIA solves these problems by analyzing your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies with a laser focus on successful outcomes. In collaboration with your teams, sponsors, and stakeholders, we simplify the process of planning, communicating, and rolling out your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Service Offerings

BC/DR Program Management & Mentoring of BCDR leaders

Business Impact Assessment Creation and Vetting

Threat/Vulnerability Assessment

Risk Mitigation Planning and Compliance Validation

BC Sub-Plan/Runbook Creation

BC/DR Plan Assessment

Annual Test Planning and Execution

Communications Planning and Awareness Training

Business Continuity vs. Disaster Recovery


Business Continuity

The effective implementation of a Business Continuity Plan protects your business as a whole from potential threats. Your carefully constructed plan will address critical business functions which must remain operational and available in the event of a crisis so you can keep serving your customers. It will also define alternate business processes in areas of highest risk, specific to your business.

Disaster Recovery

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a key component of an organization’s Business Continuity Plan. Disaster Recovery Plans specifically focus on IT services and systems. Your plan will detail the steps needed to quickly restore key primary systems or default to back up in the event of an outage. This includes transitioning data and processing back to primary systems after the crisis is resolved.

How a Business Continuity Plan Protects Your Business

No two companies are the same. If a negative event occurs, you need to know that your data and processes are protected based on your unique specifications – not someone else’s. But planning for all contingencies isn’t necessarily straightforward.

At AXIA, we lift that burden off your shoulders by collaborating with you to design a plan tailored to your needs. We help you:

  • Mitigate Risks

  • Minimize data losses

  • Support customers

  • Reduce financial impacts

  • Protect brand image

  • Minimize environmental, health, and safety impacts

Business Continuity Assessment Workshop

This one-day Assessment is designed to quickly identify areas of opportunity  or current gaps within your existing Business Continuity Plan. Areas addressed include: Plan governance, business impact, risk assessment, mitigation strategies, and more which enables the creation of a project plan to address areas to provide the greatest impact.

AXIA’s Toolkit Includes:

  • Plan and Planning Governance

  • Business Impact Assessment

  • Risk Assessment

  • Mitigation Strategies

  • Sub-Plan Analysis

  • Risk Triggers

  • Plan Audit Results

  • Plan Testing Procedures

Free Guide: 5 Critical Questions Your Business Continuity Plan Should Answer

5 critical questions your business continuity plan should answerIf a catastrophic event strikes your company, will you be prepared?

In this free guide, you will learn the five critical questions your business continuity plan must answer to mitigate long-term effects and minimize loss. You will also learn how AXIA can help you develop a comprehensive business continuity plan that includes executive support, testing, and input across all mission-critical functions within your business.

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How we've helped companies like you

Bio-Medical Device Manufacturer and Global Distributor

This client had no prior Business Continuity Plan in place. AXIA worked with them to evaluate their current enterprise environment, identify areas of strength and improvement, identify concrete application, database, and network improvements, and create a plan to close the gaps.

Multi-Unit Global Manufacturer

With multiple independent operating companies, this diversified manufacturer needed a clear benchmark to assess Business Continuity Plans and remediate those lagging. AXIA conducted a global assessment of their business continuity plans, built a standard Business Continuity Playbook, and implemented a global pilot program in four languages.

Top 20 US City-County Government

This client needed to assess their ability to restore critical systems in the event of a catastrophic power outage. AXIA conducted assessments for more than ten departments, provided prioritization of systems based on data, developed a reference architecture to support recoverability, and developed a phased migration to the new plan.

Producer and Global Distributor of Children’s Safety Products

With no impact assessment in place, this client needed to understand the risk of unidentified systems creating critical process outages. AXIA conducted a full multi-site assessment for more than fifteen departments, guided the tech team through sample recovery exercises, and positioned the business unit as a business continuity hub within the larger group of companies.

Set your business up for success

With in-depth expertise in planning for the unexpected, AXIA collaborates with you to develop Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans that minimize disruption and generate value. Talk with one of our experts today.