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As one of the most commonly used and well-known operating systems, Linux systems offer an amazing level of stability and dependability.

However, one of the resulting effects is that IT shops often under staff Linux support resources and instead opt to assign it as an ‘add on’ to existing support responsibilities. This works until something breaks, a security event happens or an application forces a critical upgrade. Fast forward and an IT staff then finds itself in a tough situation, having to upgrade critical servers with minimal experience or being too busy to credibly handle the task. This is where AXIA can help.

The AXIA Technology Services Team has decades of Linux and Unix experience. Whether it is a small number of systems or an entire data center with hundreds of servers, AXIA has the experience to solve your problem your platform quickly and efficiently.

Our Linux Services Include:

We understand that it’s critical to make the most of your current technologies and that a seamless upgrade experience is ideal. That’s why AXIA’s team of Linux Services Experts are here to make sure your Linux needs are met effectively without sacrificing quality, high-costs or effectiveness.

  • Deployment Evaluations

  • Performance Evaluations

  • Advanced Support (Level 2/3)

  • Server Upgrades and Migrations

  • Virtualization

  • License Management

  • Architectural Design

  • Architectural Re-Engineering

  • Performance Engineering

  • Resiliency Engineering

  • Project Support

  • Enterprise Infrastructure Support

  • Linux-Based Infrastructure Server

  • Managed Services

  • Container-Apps Platforming

  • Support Management & Automation (Satellite Server, Spacewalk, Ansible, vROps)


Get The Most Out Of Your Linux Upgrade

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Linux Consulting Experts

Day-to-day care and feeding of Linux systems is minimal – in some cases next to nothing.  Like any other operating system, Linux requires attention. A well-managed server requires routine and periodic bug and security patching, package upgrades, capacity adjustments planning, provisioning and user management just to name a few.

We work with most major Unix and Linux variants and are particularly skilled in Red Hat and Oracle Enterprise/Unbreakable Linux supporting Oracle databases and applications.

In addition, AXIA offers managed service contracts for organization’s Linux platform which provides our clients with an unprecedented level of day-to-day management, expertise, and value and we also offer Managed Services contracts with a unique feature that lowers project and task-related work.

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