Oracle Cloud Services

Modernize your business operations with Oracle Cloud for increased efficiency, flexibility and scalability.

Improve your Enterprise with Oracle Cloud

Cloud-based platforms remain a top choice as organizations look to compete in today’s quickly changing business environment. For Oracle clients, moving to Oracle Cloud can be a natural step towards modernizing operations and an attractive choice for those implementing new systems.

Oracle’s suite of Cloud-based applications offers users the same great core services as their on-premises solutions, with new or improved features. These include updated user interfaces, enhanced functionality, scalability to fit smaller organizations and complex organizations, subscription-based models to fit business requirements, the ability to architect coexistence systems with Cloud’s standardized integration capabilities and better tools for reporting and data analysis. These improvements allow for increased operational transparency, faster transaction processing, improved collaboration and more, while freeing up time for your team to focus on other business priorities.

AXIA is here to help you navigate your journey and our experienced team is well-versed in all aspects of Oracle Cloud services. Whether you’re looking to determine if Cloud is the right solution for your business, to planning, software selection and implementation, we work with your business to ensure your project is successful.

AXIA’s Oracle Cloud Services:

AXIA’s Oracle Cloud Services are designed to equip your organization with solutions needed to navigate your critical projects, IT challenges and organizational changes.

  • Consulting & Strategy

  • Software & Vendor Selection

  • Implementation

  • System Integration

  • Multinational Rollouts

  • Program & Project Management

  • System Upgrades & Expansions

  • Application Performance Monitoring

  • Training & Support

  • Change Management

  • Security Management

OCM for Cloud

Because change impacts to the organization and can be significant, a solid OCM plan becomes crucial to achieve project goals.

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is a key component of success for any technology project requiring individuals to change, but it is especially critical for Cloud project success.

Benefits include:

  • Cost Reduction

  • Added Value

  • Improved Implementation Process

  • Strategic Approach

  • Improved Customer Interaction

Software Selection Methodology

How do you know if the cloud is right for your business and where do you start in selecting the right application?

With a deep knowledge of both cloud and on-premise applications, we know that there are many considerations that must be made before making the switch to Oracle Cloud.

Our proven approach has six stages, each critical to ensuring project success:

  • Initiate: Develop a clear project plan in alignment with stakeholders and strategic direction

  • Assess: Review current environment to identify gaps and areas for improvement

  • Define: Finalize requirements and define process for solution evaluation and recommendations

  • Analyze: Software evaluations begin, with demonstrations, proposal review and best-fit determination

  • Deploy: Create a deployment strategy and implementation plan for new system transition

  • Mobilize: Prepare for software implementation, which includes project summary, findings and recommended next steps

Is your Enterprise ready for Cloud Applications?

Streamline project planning while maximizing results

Insufficient planning and lack of clearly defined business cases remain top reasons that Cloud implementations fail, proving that proper preparation is key to project success. During AXIA’s Cloud Applications Readiness Assessment, our senior consultants will guide you through the planning process and set you up for success with a clear, comprehensive plan for product implementation. If you’re not quite there, we help you evaluate what you need to do to get there.

Learn more about the Assessment here

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Collaborative approach focused on your needs

Having a comprehensive plan and clear understanding of how Oracle Cloud will fit within your environment is essential to success. With a deep understanding of business and technology, our senior consultants work seamlessly with you and your team to understand your environment and deliver high-impact solutions.