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Cloud-based platforms remain a top choice as organizations look to compete in today’s quickly changing business environment. For Oracle clients, moving to Oracle Cloud can be a natural step towards modernizing operations and an attractive choice for those implementing new systems. However, having a comprehensive plan and clear understanding of how Oracle Cloud will fit within your environment is essential to implementation success.

Minimize Project Risk with AXIA’s Business and Technology Experts

Oracle’s suite of Cloud-based applications offers users the same great core services as their on-premises solutions, with new or improved features, including updated user interfaces, enhanced functionality and better tools for reporting and data analysis. These improvements allow for increased operational transparency, faster transaction processing, improved collaboration and more, while freeing up time for your team to focus on other business priorities.

Oracle Cloud has many benefits, but to experience them and maximize your investment, your organization must put the right people and processes in place. Failure to do the aforementioned can have long-term implications on capability, productivity, security and ultimately, company revenue.

Serving as your partner, AXIA leverages decades of business and technology expertise to ensure your Oracle Cloud project delivers meaningful results. By taking the time to understand your operations, needs and requirements, we’re able to assess cloud readiness and verify that Oracle Cloud is the right solution for your organization. Our senior consultants then work with your team to identify any necessary customizations and develop a clear project plan, making certain the right functionality is enabled to maximize your investment. From planning and project management, to implementation, on-site training and system support, AXIA is there for you at every stage to provide the knowledge and leadership needed to guide your Oracle Cloud project to success.

Proven Expertise + Practical Solutions = Powerful Results

Whether leveraging Oracle Cloud to increase operational efficiency or maximizing your other Oracle investments, AXIA, an Oracle Gold Partner, has a proven track record of helping organizations navigate and excel through quickly changing business and technology environments. Our team of senior IT and business consultants average 20 years of experience, giving them the expertise to identify and solve your most complex problems.

Driven by our values, we pride ourselves on open communication and straightforward counsel. We strive to serve as an extension of your team and will only recommend solutions that are right for your business to deliver meaningful results. We pride ourselves on being more than just IT consultants – we’re your business partners.

Collaborative Approach Focused on Your Needs

Our approach focuses on the specific needs of your organization. We begin by taking the time to understand your business processes, supporting technologies and objectives. From there, we collaborate with your team to design sustainable solutions that effectively leverage technology to achieve your goals. By engaging business process owners, users and internal project teams from the start, we’re able to deliver solutions that make the most impact.

AXIA provides the expertise and leadership needed to anticipate your needs, identify gaps and quickly overcome unforeseen challenges at every stage. With success delivering projects in numerous industries in over 54 countries, AXIA serves as a trustworthy partner that will help you put the right people, processes and technology in place to achieve your business goals.

Cloud Application Readiness Assessment

Insufficient planning, organizational change management, process re-design and data conversions remain top reasons that Cloud implementations fail.

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