Do You Have Right Organizational Change Management On Your Oracle Project?

Is your project prepared to guide the business through the required changes?

Oracle EBS alone will not bring your company the hard business benefits you desire.   Most benefits related to implementing Oracle EBS are tied to people changing how they do their jobs. Projects need to deliver a combination of people, process and technology change – working together to enable the desired business benefits. Often you will hear project leadership say OCM is “soft,” “it’s just training” or “too expensive, we don’t need it.”  These comments show the leader does not grasp the importance of enabling organizational change to support the technology change.   Often these projects have rough go lives and their benefit realization is delayed for quarters or years while the business tries to self heal the organization changes.   If you want to harvest the business benefits, invest in OCM during the project instead of spending years post go live trying to achieve the desired results.

Most Oracle EBS consultants are very good at guiding you through the configuration options of Oracle, but they lack the experience and focus to deliver the required organizational changes.   Even small Oracle EBS projects need people to work differently to be successful.   An Organizational Change Management (OCM) track will identify the changes required and deliver the people and process change needed to be successful.

Does your project have the right focus on change management?  AXIA Consulting has a dedicated team and proven methodology to identify and deliver the organizational changes needed to be successful.  AXIA’s OCM team can work with your team, any third party integrator or with AXIA’s proven Oracle consultants.   We can craft an OCM program that is right for your Oracle project.

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