Cloud Applications Readiness Assessment Workshop

Is your organization really Cloud-ready?

The Challenge

Cloud readiness planning is essential for an organization considering a Cloud Application implementation. Insufficient planning and lack of clearly defined business cases remain top reasons that Cloud implementations fail, proving that proper preparation is key to project success. Although planning for a major Cloud project can be just as tedious as it is important, it can be difficult to know where to start.

The Solution

AXIA’s Cloud Applications Readiness Assessment streamlines project planning while maximizing results. We will determine if you’re ready for the Cloud, and if you aren’t, what you need to do to get there. During our flexible workshop, you’ll receive tailored advice and counsel from AXIA’s senior consultants, who will guide you through the planning process and set you up for success with a clear, comprehensive plan for product implementation.

AXIA’s Cloud Applications Readiness Assessment

Our Cloud Applications Readiness Assessment is a one-two week workshop aimed at helping organizations plan and prepare for their Cloud implementation. We help you determine your company’s key business processing requirements, challenges and future needs. From there, we identify potential gaps, evaluate options, pinpoint customizations and make recommendations for next steps. Our workshop is led by the AXIA Cloud team and hosted at the client’s location.

What takes place during the workshop?

• Gather requirements. Our first step is to determine your business process requirements, user needs, technical challenges and future direction. We meet with small teams broken out by company departments and roles to gather information. We then use our Cloud application templates to build your requirements.

• Identify gaps. Our next step is to conduct a FIT/GAP analysis to identify gaps in requirements and Cloud functionality. Onsite CloudApplication walkthroughs assist your team in gaining a better understanding of the new Cloud Application functionality and allow us to pinpoint any new efficiencies and cost savings that can be gained.

• Make recommendations. At this point in the process, we’re able to assess whether or not you’re ready for Cloud and make recommendations on the best course of action to meet your goals. Cloud-ready businesses will leave with a Cloud-based implementation plan, while organizations that aren’t Cloud-ready may be advised to postpone implementation until key indicators and tasks are completed. Depending on your situation, we might even recommend remaining on your current system.

• Deliver project plan. At the end of the assessment, our team will deliver a tentative project plan that corresponds with our recommendations. We will also provide cost estimates should you have an interest in engaging AXIA for the next phase of your Cloud Applications project.

Which organizations would benefit from this assessment?

Businesses that are considering implementation of Cloud Applications or moving from on-premises legacy solutions to the Cloud Application suite of products.

Who should attend the assessment?

Our goal is to include all teams and departments that will be impacted by the new system – everyone from management and department leaders to core business analysts and users. This not only ensures that we have a clear picture of user needs, but it also helps to accelerate system adoption.

What is the benefit of bringing in AXIA versus handling project preparation ourselves?

• Support your team with the right skills and resources. Engaging AXIA alleviates pressure from your team to juggle Cloud preparation on top of their daily tasks, as well as ensures you have the expertise and necessary skillset in place to accurately assess Cloud readiness and map out next steps.

• Speed up the process with guided templates. Our library of Cloud Application templates makes Cloud Application planning quick and easy. You’ll have access to templates for requirements gathering, FIT/GAP analysis, project planning and more.

• Receive unbiased, expert advice. Bringing in an experienced and knowledgeable third-party consulting team is the best way to run a truly unbiased Cloud readiness analysis. We have no agenda other than to help you determine the best application and plan for your business.

Results from AXIA’s Assessment

Companies that have completed the Cloud Applications Readiness Assessment are confident that they’ve identified the best possible solution based on their needs. Organizations that aren’t Cloud ready leave knowing exactly what they need to do to next to reach their goals, while businesses ready to move to the Cloud experience smoother Cloud Application implementation transition, better adoption and easier change management. They credit this to the workshop facilitating comprehensive planning with better identification of requirements and Cloud functionality.