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More than a tagline:
Our commitment to DEIB

At AXIA, DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) isn’t just a box to check. It’s a foundational pillar of our company culture.

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Integral to who we are, not just what we do

Through focused programs and initiatives, we ensure that our commitment to DEIB is more than just talk — it's a crucial part of how we solve our clients’ complex problems.​

We grow and retain a diverse team of  ​high-caliber consultants through efforts in recruiting, community involvement, client delivery, career development, and more.

Additionally, AXIA’s dedicated EDGE (Encouraging Diversity, Growth, and Equity) Committee works to advance equality, diversity, and inclusivity by setting high standards to continually evolve AXIA’s culture. 

How we walk the talk


Recruitment practices that promote inclusion, including unbiased job descriptions and hiring criteria, as well as strategies for sourcing diverse candidates


Community engagement and partnerships that help us reach a wider, more diverse talent pool


A dedicated committee for DEIB to help guide our initiatives, set measurable goals for improvement, and drive results


Transparency and authenticity around diversity metrics, such as representation at different levels of the organization and retention rates

Commitment to Employees

Leadership commitment to DEIB, as demonstrated by consistent representation of diverse voices in decision-making processes, fostering an inclusive company culture

Reduce Inequality

Equitable policies — including policies for equal pay, promotion opportunities, and benefits — that promote fairness and equity for all employees

Real inclusion, real impact

"Proud to say that I experience teams across projects; internal initiatives live and breathe the AXIA values of teamwork and commitment to clients and each other. An amazing workplace, which is a close-knit community passionate about client’s success and each other’s success."

Prashant Shrivastava
Prashant Shrivastava
Director, Oracle

"AXIA’s culture is an accurate depiction of intertwining inspiration with consistency, sincerity, and vibrancy. Allowing individuals to thrive professionally and personally is why our culture is extraordinary. For that reason, I am beyond grateful to be a part of it."

Joyce Joseph
HR Intern

Diversity drives excellence for us and our clients

Improved decision making
Better client outcomes
Enhanced innovation and problem-solving
Competitive advantage
Healthy culture and employee wellbeing
Diverse perspectives that drive innovative thinking 

Don’t just grow your career — invest in your future

At AXIA, you’ll work with a diverse, supportive team that’s committed to your professional development.