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At AXIA, you don’t just play a part, you own a part

Our employee ownership program is a unique opportunity to invest in your future and build wealth beyond a traditional 401K.


Reap the rewards of your hard work

AXIA has been 100% employee-owned since 2014.

This additional employee benefit provides team members with an ownership interest in the company and further enhances our 401k and bonus programs. The additional shares in the company can allow for more wealth-building opportunities that often aren’t available to every employee. 

It allows every individual to benefit from the work they do and the dedication they bring to any project.

A win-win for us and our clients

Employee ownership opportunities like ours impact more than just our team, it pushes us to create the best experiences possible for our clients. 

With ownership stakes, each team member is deeply invested in delivering successful client projects. This sense of ownership fosters a high level of dedication and encourages consultants to stay with us for the long haul to build maximum wealth.

Because our highly motivated team views the success of each project as a personal and collective victory, our clients benefit from highly innovative solutions and unparalleled service. 

Benefits of employee ownership

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Employees who have a stake in their company report higher career satisfaction.

Improved Job Security

During economic downturns, employee-owned companies are 6x less likely to lay off.

Employee Empowerment

Being employee-owned means they have decision-making power!

Retirement Security
Retirement Security

Employee-owned companies help employees accumulate wealth with no contribution on the part of the employee.

Reduce Inequality
Reduce Inequality

Women and people of color earn more than their peers when employed by an Employee-owned company.

Increased Employee Retention
Increased Employee Retention

Employee-owned companies have higher retention rates than their competitors.

Commitment to Employees
Commitment to Employees

Employee-owned companies are 2x more likely to invest in their employees' continued learning.

Wealth Building Benefits
Wealth Building Benefits

AXIA also offers a competitive 401k plan which means you have 2 ways to build retirement wealth.

Hear from our consultants

I am a person not a line item on a spreadsheet. Management cares about me both professionally and personally. Everyone is very collaborative and helps each other out. AXIA does what is best for their clients, even if that means turning down work. Fantastic Company and Culture!

AXIA Employee

AXIA has a wealth of knowledge from career-long consultants, who are eager to share their knowledge with people at all stages of their career in the interest of making the company better - The smaller size of AXIA allows this knowledge transfer to happen more effectively - As a professional services consulting company, AXIA really does put the needs and goals of their clients first.

AXIA Employee

Grow your career at AXIA