AXIA Consulting is proud to name Greg Pitstick as Director of Global Mergers and Acquisitions

As Director, Mr Pitstick will lead AXIA’s Merger and Acquisition practice and will focus on helping organizations achieve synergies through the integration of people, processes, and technology resulting from M&A activities.

Mr. Pitstick has more than 25 years of broad-based experience leading multiple global post-acquisition integration projects. Prior to AXIA, Mr. Pitstick was a Partner with Accenture as a technology leader in their global resource practice. In addition to his work in M&A, he also has a proven track record of successfully leading global business transformation programs, developing IT strategies and guiding companies on how to leverage technology to achieve business strategies.

Ed Mueller, AXIA Consulting CEO, commented, “We’re very excited to have Greg in this role. Since becoming an employee-owned company in 2014, we’ve made a pledge that we’ll continue to make decisions that best position us to serve our clients. With Greg being named as Director of Global Mergers and Acquisitions, we’re keeping that pledge. He understands the complexities of M&A activities, has demonstrated excellence working with companies across the globe, and he respects the culture that we’ve worked so hard to cultivate.”

Mr. Pitstick will begin serving in this role immediately.