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Improve Invoice Automation with New Matching Policy

This month, Microsoft has released a process improvement that will help you streamline your invoicing procedure by automating parts of the product receipt and invoice line matching process.

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Reduce Errors with Invoice & Receipt Workflow Quantities

Even small errors can make a big impact. Technology features that reduce errors can help you employees do their work faster with better efficiency. This month’s update is designed to identify and correct errors early in the invoice submission process, reducing inaccuracies that prevent posting.

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Enhanced Sanitization Protocols with Lock Screen

In manufacturing environments, lost productivity translates to lost profit potential. To address this problem, Microsoft has introduced an update to support essential sanitization procedures for workplace safety without losing any additional time due to unintentional data input.

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Optimize D365 Windows to Meet your Needs

Updating personalization capabilities enables users to tailor an experience that meets their needs. It also supports broader implementation of personalization across the software.

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Streamline & Reduce Errors in the Vendor Invoice Submission Process

This update prohibits submissions to workflow when the invoice total and registered invoice total are not equal. It is designed to streamline and reduce errors in the vendor invoice submission process.

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Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics AX to D365

AXIA understands the complexity and impact an ERP upgrade migration or implementation has, not only on an IT department, but on an entire organization.

This is why we created our FREE Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Migration Assessment Whitepaper.

In this whitepaper we will walk you through 5 key areas to evaluate when considering the move to D365 and will provide a detailed list to help you get started on evaluating your migration readiness.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Quick Tips

Remote Workers and Month-End Close

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a workflow tool to coordinate and manage your close process. The financial close workspace is included with D365. This is a great tool to enable remote workers and reduce risk.

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