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Manage the people side of your SAP implementation, system conversion, or landscape migration with strategic change management for SAP.

We help you build your change strategy from the ground up, show you how to approach both challenges and opportunities, and implement cutting-edge OCM best practices to ensure a successful transformation.

From strategy to change sustainment, we take a human-centered, whole-business approach to OCM for SAP.

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Get Better Business Results with Holistic, Sustainable SAP Change Management

Learn How Much OCM Your Organization Needs

Our SAP Change Management Experience

AXIA’s OCM approach for SAP implementations is built upon best practice principles and techniques applied across dozens of successful SAP implementations in a variety of industries.


Our OCM for SAP Team

Our change management consultants average 20 years of experience, and we have a record of change management delivery success on SAP projects. Our Organizational Change Management consultants have worked with transformations at global, large, medium, and small-sized organizations, delivering proven solutions across the organization.

We have experience working together with SAP functional consultants on implementations and sharing a common understanding of the goals and objectives of the project activities and milestones.

The AXIA Difference

Built on a foundation of integrity, honesty, and quality, we bring both depth and experience to solve your most pressing business and technology challenges.

Our holistic approach allows us to understand your business and identify customized solutions based on your needs. Through business process improvement and change management strategy we ensure that your business runs more smoothly and the people-side of your technology adoption is successful.

Faster User Adoption, Stronger ROI for Your SAP Implementation

Our Approach to SAP Change Management

Companies implement organizational change management for many reasons, but they all boil down to this: a need to adopt new technology, processes, and mindsets that will ensure strong ROI for the long term.


Our OCM for SAP Methodology  

To achieve this goal, AXIA’s approach to OCM for SAP recognizes and addresses common business challenges in realizing the return on investment of SAP.

We take an agile, customer-focused approach that uses the latest ASAP Methodology and Quality Gate Management compliance systems, and we address critical factors to ensure risks and issues are dealt with immediately.

Our SAP change methodology includes:

  • Business Readiness
  • Stakeholder Assessment
  • Employee Engagement
  • Communications Planning & Execution
  • Testing & Documentation
  • Training Development and Delivery
  • Change Management Strategy and Roadmap


Here’s how we do it:

  • Planning – We start with an OCM assessment that includes risk analysis, communication strategy, leadership and project alignment, stakeholder analysis, organizational impact analysis, and training strategy. We understand that change brings uncertainty, and we partner with you to proactively manage awareness and understanding at each stage of the change process.
  • Delivery – Next, we walk you through the design, build, and test phases of the implementation. During this stage, we emphasize alignment of organization and processes, people engagement, and progress monitoring. We use a Train-the-Trainer approach to provide tools and skills that foster knowledge among colleagues, develop new capabilities and internal trainers, and provide real-life examples and walk-throughs.
  • Sustainment – We work closely with you to ensure user adoption and a sustainable future state. Using a variety of communication tactics, training strategies (including virtual options), toolkits, knowledge assessments, and feedback opportunities, we help you stabilize change and optimize your results.

Learn How to Develop Successful OCM Strategy for your Business

In this detailed guide, we share with you our top 12 proven steps for designing effective change management plans, and how you can:

  • Maintain stakeholder alignment
  • Communicate change and promote understanding
  • Ensure user adoption and long-term change management success
  • Develop next steps for effective change  sustainment

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