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Project Recovery Services & Problem Projects

Complex projects often encounter setbacks.

AXIA’s project recovery services are designed to expedite your recovery, ensuring successful outcomes for critical projects like Oracle, Microsoft, ERP, and more.

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Proven Project Recovery Services for Complex Challenges

Our Project Recovery Services Experience

AXIA’s project recovery consultants have deep experience working with companies to resolve and recover problem projects across the organization.

Our Project Recovery Consultants

We help clients design targeted solutions for enterprise disaster recovery, M&A program recovery, business program and transformation recovery, and other business-critical projects.

We provide proven, hands-on disaster recovery consulting services for Oracle (ERP, EBS, and Cloud products), Microsoft (both AX and D365), SAP, Infor, Netsuite, and other strategic projects to help you achieve your goals while meeting time and budget requirements.

The AXIA Difference

Built on a foundation of integrity, honesty, and quality, we bring both depth and experience to solve your most pressing business and technology challenges.

Our holistic approach allows us to understand your business and identify customized solutions based on your needs. Through business process improvement and change management strategy we ensure that your business runs more smoothly and the people-side of your technology adoption is successful.

Build Resilience into Every Project

Project Recovery Services Tools to Guide Your Project to Success

As your business grows, so does the complexity of your projects and programs. AXIA’s project recovery consultants specialize in helping you recover the integrity of projects that have stalled or failed to meet objectives.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Program Planning – AXIA can assist in creating a complete program plan that covers all critical components, including technology, business processes, organization change management, infrastructure, and data.
  • Client Advocate Services – If you don’t have the skills in-house to manage a large program or integrator, AXIA’s Client Advocate experts will partner with you to provide an independent view and a skilled perspective on solutions to challenging issues. Our Client Advocates work on your behalf to structure and run successful programs to create win-win scenarios with an integrator.
  • Problem Implementation Project – AXIA will conduct an assessment of your problem project and provide a recommended plan for recovery. Or, if your project has encountered issues after launch, AXIA can assess the program and provide a heat map of problem areas with specific recommendations for recovery.
  • Go Live Assessment – When your project is approaching go live, AXIA’s comprehensive go live assessment methodology focuses on a readiness review which includes the system, data, people, processes, and physical environment.
  • Post Implementation Recovery – AXIA’s proven, hands-on recovery methodology focuses on both quick wins to salvage and stabilize the business while planning for longer-term changes needed for a successful ERP implementation recovery.

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