Enterprise Software Selection

Selecting the right software for your business is crucial. The correct application can transform your business, while the wrong one can feel like a wasted investment. So, how do you ensure you’re selecting the right solution to set your business up for success, now and into the future?

That’s where AXIA comes in. With extensive experience in both business and technology, we know that enterprise software selection is about more than just the application. Business processes, strategic direction and future goals must be considered in order to make the right investment and get the maximum return. Working as an extension of your team, we assess your environment and define business requirements. We examine factors such as end-user requirements, functionality, security, privacy, robustness, cost, integration needs, vendor alignment and more to make the best software recommendations for your business. Because we are software-agnostic, you can rest assured that you’re receiving an unbiased, honest opinion. We will always recommend what’s best for you. Plus, we work with your team to ensure you’re set up for success into the future, helping to establish plans for deployment, integration, organizational change management and more.

Whether you’re looking to select new enterprise software, adding to your on premise solution or moving to a new cloud application, AXIA leverages best practices and a proven approach to make the enterprise software selection process as simple and seamless as possible.

Our Approach

AXIA’s comprehensive enterprise software selection approach involves six stages, each critical to ensuring project success:

Initiate – We start by gathering preliminary information and documenting project expectations, goals and objectives. This initial step allows us to develop a clear project plan, while ensuring alignment with key stakeholders and strategic direction.

Assess – During this stage, we gather data and assess your current business environment to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. One way we do this is through business process workshops, which allow us to capture your organization’s unique technical and business requirements to serve as the foundation for software selection.

Define – At this point in the process, we have enough information to finalize the business and technology requirements for the new system and can define the process for solution evaluation. We provide an initial list of vendor and software recommendations based on previous phase findings and then work with your team to develop and distribute RFIs.

Analyze – This phase marks the end of planning and the beginning of hands-on software evaluation. We review vendor RFI responses to comprehensively vet each solution. Serving as an extension of your team, we facilitate software demonstrations that allow the team to determine the best fit for your business and make our final software recommendation.

Deploy – While the software fit is being finalized, AXIA consultants work to assemble a deployment strategy and implementation plan to ensure a seamless transition to the new system. Key outcomes of this phase are the considerations regarding change management and the development of an organizational communication plan.

Mobilize – Often done in tandem with previous phases, this final stage of the software selection process involves mobilizing for software implementation. Our team presents the project summary and findings, as well as prepares recommended next steps to ensure your organization is set up for a smooth, seamless transition.

Software Selection doesn't have to be Risky

Software investments are necessary to move our businesses forward, and reducing risk is critical to achieving a return on these investments. Consider this – recent reports show that the typical organization might spend as much as 5% of their total annual revenue on software purchase and implementation. This means that you could expect to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, on software projects depending on business size and complexity. The technology you purchase will have long-term implications on capability, productivity, security and ultimately, company revenue. So, can you afford to risk selecting the wrong technology and/or software solution? Luckily, with the right plan and process in place, you don’t have to. When the proper steps are taken during the software selection process, you can significantly increase the odds that you’ve chosen the best software to meet your organization’s goals. In addition, you can position your organization for an implementation that has a greater chance of being delivered on-time and on-budget with fewer surprises throughout the effort.

the key is picking the best software for your business

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