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Build Stronger, More Effective Teams

Successful organizations depend on strong teams. At AXIA, we help you enhance team cohesiveness, build trust, develop leadership potential, and encourage collaboration among team members at every level.  

Whether you’re going through a merger or acquisition, experiencing a change in leadership, or implementing a new ERP program, our team building consultants help you improve team dynamics for better productivity and ROI.

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Prepare Your Teams for Success

Our Team Dynamics Consulting Approach

Our team building consultants are certified in Real Colors® and Five Dysfunctions of a Team training. We use these programs along with standard team dynamics and temperament assessment programs to manage change impacts and improve engagement across teams.  


Here’s how we do it: 


Real Colors®  

  • Initial Assessment – This half-day workshop helps individuals understand their Real Colors® profile and concepts.
  • Change Initiative Support – We use Real Colors® concepts to support your change initiatives:
  • Build better project team dynamics with your internal customer team and external consulting resources
  • Support communication strategies
  • Build training approaches based on Real Colors® concepts
  • Improve interaction and productivity in project team meetings
  • Application Training – Training addresses key topics such as how to navigate stressful situations and difficult conversations, how to apply Real Colors® concepts to understand all personality styles, and how to help employees connect with the company mission, culture, and more.
  • Internal Program Development – We help you build an internal program to share across the organization for sustained engagement.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team 

  • Initial Assessment – We help your team understand where they are currently operating in the context of the Five Dysfunctions.  
  • Full-Day Workshops – Based on the results of the assessment, we will conduct one or two full-day workshops with your team. 

Our Team Dynamics Experience

Accelerate Your People with Our Team Building Consulting


Working effectively with others takes strong communication skills, emotional intelligence, and the ability to navigate conflict successfully. AXIA’s team building consultants help your team members develop all of these skills and more using personal assessments, interactive training, and proven team dynamics methodologies.  


Achieve results like: 

  • Increased productivity  
  • Improved collaboration and teamwork 
  • Enhanced understanding of team member needs and success drivers 
  • Improved communication with others 
  • Better team engagement and interactions 

Develop a Successful OCM Strategy for your Business

In this detailed guide, we share with you our top 12 proven steps for designing effective change management plans, and how you can:

  • Maintain stakeholder alignment
  • Communicate change and promote understanding
  • Ensure user adoption and long-term change management success
  • Develop next steps for effective change sustainment

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