Oracle Exadata

Oracle’s proprietary Exadata Database Machine was designed specifically for Oracle databases and provides for a level of optimized performance and functionality that can only be achieved by using the Exadata hardware. The high-speed server allows for improved operations, including enabling analytics, batch, reporting and other tasks to run simultaneously within and across databases. It also enables businesses to reduce their costs by consolidating databases and, in turn, Oracle licenses.

What this means is that to get the most value out of your existing Oracle investment and exponentially improve the performance of your IT infrastructure, Exadata needs to be a strategic component in your long-term plans.

That’s where AXIA can help. To realize the full benefits Exadata has to offer, there needs to be a clear plan for how the system will fit within your business, making architecture design a crucial focus. AXIA’s Oracle specialists will assess your unique environment and determine the best course for installation, configuration, data migration, tuning and more. Serving as an extension of your team, our senior consultants also provide support for Exadata maintenance and management for both onpremise and cloud options.


Proven Oracle Expertise + Practical Solutions = Powerful Results
Whether it’s leveraging Exadata to optimize IT infrastructure performance or maximizing other Oracle investments, AXIA Consulting, an Oracle Gold Partner, has a proven track record of helping organizations navigate and excel through quickly changing business and technology environments. Our team of senior IT and business consultants average 20 years of experience, giving them the ability to identify and solve your most complex problems.

Driven by our values, we pride ourselves on open communication and straightforward counsel. We strive to serve as an extension of your team and will only recommend solutions that are right for your business to deliver meaningful results.


IaaS: Myths vs. Reality

An increasing number of organizations are including Cloud-based infrastructure in their IT and business strategies – a trend that will only continue in the coming years. Moving to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) option, however, isn’t a simple decision. Although the Cloud has been around for more than a decade, misconceptions still exist, adding a layer of complexity for organizations trying to evaluate their options.

There are three IaaS models – Private, Public and Hybrid – and each has unique characteristics. Below, we separate common myths from reality to get you started on your path towards selecting the right IaaS model for your needs.

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