Organizations have come to rely on analytics tools to provide valuable insight into their operations, which they leverage to inform business decisions. The right analytics solution can get companies more value out of their data through centralized data warehousing, robust reporting, interactive dashboards, analysis, data visualization capabilities and more.

While analytics software can be a great investment in the future success of your business, companies must remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To maximize your investment, selecting the right platform for your business needs and then tailoring it to your environment is crucial. So, how do you know which solution is right for you and ensure it’s implemented to provide the insight you need?

AXIA can help your organization implement an analytics solution to successfully enable data accessibility across the enterprise, along with transparency and insight into your operations.

AXIA’s analytics experts serve as true partners in the planning, selection and implementation process to ensure you’re getting the right analytics solution for your company. Armed with decades of business and technology expertise, we work with you to identify your analytics needs and determine the best way to leverage the tools within your organization to meet your goals.

We take a holistic approach, beginning with capability assessment to evaluate where you are in your analytics maturity model. From there, we look at where you want to go and develop a plan to get there. This includes recommending the best software for your company’s needs. During the prototyping phase, we configure the proposed analytics software to pull the correct data from applications across the enterprise, as well as modify reports and dashboards to extract the information needed to deliver insights that are valuable to your business. After this phase, we’ll collect and analyze what we learned, develop the final roadmap and start implementation.

While a comprehensive plan and prototype are key to successful analytics projects, AXIA can be brought in at any stage to support your needs. Whether jumping in mid-implementation or reconfiguring post-implementation, we work to ensure you’re left with an analytics solution that drives bottom-line results.

Our Analytics Services

  • Analytics Capability Assessment
  • Analytics Strategy & Roadmap
  • Software Selection
  • Piloting & Prototyping
  • Software Implementation & Configuration
  • Data Warehouse Design & Implementation
  • Operational Reporting
  • Data Visualization Design
  • Data Governance, Conversion & Integration
  • Data Science
  • Technical Support & Training

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