GRC Security Review

Today’s complex, always-on technology environment requires most organizations to proactively control IT risks and security concerns, while also managing regulatory compliance. A company’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes and technology play an important role in ensuring the business is protected from internal and external fraud, damaging software changes, legal ramifications due to noncompliance and more. All too often, however, organizations don’t have the right systems in place and are left unprepared.

For example, consider the following areas:

  • Do you know if your software access controls have left you susceptible to internal fraud?
  • Are you monitoring and flagging suspicious transactions or system configuration changes?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place to reduce vulnerabilities to your business operations should your on-premise or offsite data become inaccessible or destroyed?
  • Are your IT applications and IT policies and procedures up-to-date to ensure compliance with current regulatory requirements?

Whether your company is in need of IT risk evaluation or looking to rollout new technology or procedures, AXIA can help.

With decades of business and technology expertise, AXIA can assess the security of your processes and applications, identify the specific needs of your organization and recommend the right solution. Our senior consultants can help you successfully address ERP implementation governance, audit remediation, segregation of duties issues, regulatory policy documentation and management, disaster recovery deficiencies, security risks and more. Serving as an extension of your team, we implement the right technology and processes to minimize your risk and keep your systems secure.


AXIA's GRC & Security Review Services:

  • Access Control Implementation
  • Segregation of Duties Assessments
  • IT Policy & Procedure Creation & Updates
  • IT Controls Evaluation & Recommendations
  • Configuration Change & Transactional Event Controlling, Monitoring & Reporting
  • Security Assessment & Improvement
  • Disaster Recovery Solution Design & Implementation
  • IT Application Implementations to Manage Regulatory Compliance

Is your Business Ready for the Next Wave of Technology?

The pace of technology has accelerated greatly in the past ten years, impacting the way we live and how our organizations function.

Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud Computing are poised to enable a transformation of the business world as we know it. This next wave of technology is rapidly approaching, and will inevitably reorganize the way our companies work and deliver services, internally and externally.

Executives who embrace this next phase of advancement and ready their people, processes and technology will survive and thrive. Those that don’t put their businesses at risk.

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